Hello everyone & welcome to my new travel journal whereisemil.eu!

My name is Emil, I'm from Munich and I love travelling. Now you have a first explanation for the name of my travel journal.

For the past years my aim was to explore urban spaces, shot tons of pictures, talk to locals and run from angry stray dogs...I always wanted to see more. To do more... (and get bitten more often). The word "travel" in German is "Reise" so now you understand the middle part of my site name.

Regarding the question "Where is Emil?"... The answer is either in [insert a name of a random country here] or at home in Munich either working or editing travel photos, planning a new trip or writing blog posts like right now...

When (not) traveling I love instagramming and tweeting about my journeys (watch out for my geotagged tweets!). I like sharing my photos on National Geographic, Flickr, EyeEm and Getty Images. I also started gathering random ambient sounds from my trips on SoundCloud. I don't use Facebook much however.

I hope I can offer some interesting reading stuff here. Feel free to contact me or read more about me.